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K-NEWS: MMO Bans Men Playing As Women

Wednesday September 26, @01:16PM (from the nice-legs-bob dept.) jkcity writes
"In a bizarre move Aurora Technology the owners of the King of the World MMORPG has taken the unusual step of banning men who play women characters but the ban itself does not stretch to women playing men. If you want to play as a woman now in game you have to prove you are a women via web cam. This is something that people ask for in many mmorpgs I myself have seen people say people who play women in EVE online as being some kind of degenerate but how long can a policy of verification by web cam last since its so easy to get around it doesn't seem to solve much and is an insult to many."
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That means one of the admins found out his online girlfriend was a 50 year old guy from Brooklyn.
50-year-old guys from Brooklyn can be pretty tasty.
Actually once somebody gets over 40 years old they start to become a tougher bite and require longer roasting and more sauce. I prefer females between 15 and 20 years old, they are flavorful and tender although some of them excercise a lot and then their organs are the best parts. There was once this census maker, I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti...

So that means...
no role playing in a Role Playing Game?

Sure ... if you're a woman ... for now.

More proposed rules:

  • only black people may have black avatars
  • only elves may play elves
  • if you want STR over 10 you have to bench press 100lbs on webcam
  • if you wish your character to speak another language, you must submit a request in writing, in that language, to the admins
  • if your CHA is over 15 you can pretty much do what you want, after you seduce one of our admins

So, if you're a guy, especially with a big beard and a deep voice verify anyway.

"But you're a guy"
"How dare you sir!"
"But you have a beard"
"And I'm a little sensitive about it. I'd rather you didn't mention it"
"And a deep voice"
"Yes. A lot of people comment on that."
"I'm not convinced you're a woman"
"I'll strip naked for you to prove it if you prefer"
"Yikes! No. That won't be neccesary. Thankyou for verifying you gender. Have a nice day, maam".

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